The importance of sun protection in the mountains

In the mountains the atmosphere filter decreases with altitude, the sun attacks those who are not sufficiently equipped to face it. For each 1000 meters gained in altitude, the ambient UV proportion increases by 10%. Solar radiation is extremely important in winter because the snow reflects 80% of UV. For these reasons, it is recommended to use BELSUN ® sun products to protect your skin against sunburns and dehydration caused by cold and wind.

The importance of sun protection during a cloudy or a snowy day

Nearly 80% of solar radiation can penetrate a light cloud cover. Furthermore, snow, ice and even the rocks reflect UV light and thus increase their intensity on your skin, causing sunburn. The fog is particularly misleading, because the rays are reflected in the tiny particles of water. For these reasons, use BELSUN ® sun products even when the sun does not shine. 

The effects of wind on the skin 

The cold, wind and dry air in extreme conditions can redden the skin and dehydrated. In addition, wind speed, which is particularly relevant in the context of activities such as skiing or snowboarding, further increase the effect of freezing on the skin. That's why we recommend using BELSUN ® sun protection specifically designed to protect your skin in extreme conditions. 


Why is it so important to protect the lips? 

In the mountains the lips may crack easily when they are often exposed to sustained and intense rays of the sun, cold and wind. Therefore it is very important to protect them.  SUNLIP® new formula with aloe vera and without paraben, offers effective protection against solar radiation (UVA-UVB), cold and wind.


Can you tan with a high sunscreen? 

Yes, even if the protection factor is high, in the shade or on cloudy days. The tan will be formed more slowly, but it lasts longer and above all, it saves you from sunburns.


What is the photostability of a filter?

A filter is photostable when it retains its effectiveness during the time of exposure to the sun and its structure is not changed. UV filters in products BELSUN ® are photostable and remain intact regardless of the exposure time.

What is paraben?

The term "paraben" means a group of chemicals widely used as preservatives in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
BELSUN ® new formulation is without parabens.

 What is the Tinosorb? 

The Tinosorb® is a sun protection chemical filter that absorbs UV (UVA-UVB).

One of the benefits of Tinosorb is that it is a photostable compound while preventing the photodegradation of other ingredients complements.