Lenses materials

The polycarbonate lenses have a very good relation between quality, technical performance and visual comfort.

The use of polycarbonate lenses is recommended for all sports practice and especially for winter sports for the following reasons :

Optical quality

The interest of this material is mainly due to the popularity of wearing very enveloping sunglasses with very high curvature. This lens architecture is more delicate to implement and involves the decentring of the optical axis (see illustration).

There are two levels of optical quality: class 1 and 2. If the latter guarantees an acceptable vision field, it is in the interest of consumers to prefer a class1 lens, thus ensuring no optical distortion.

To guarantee a high quality on this lens, its optical centre is decentred which makes a notable difference during the lens cutting and fitting.

All Belsun sunglasses provide a superior optical quality class 1 and to do so, are tested and certified before being placed on the market.

Impact resistance

In the context of sports, the impact resistance is a key criterion in choosing the type of lens. In this field, the performance of Belsun sunglasses are exceptional. Indeed, the projection of a steel ball at over 160 km / h does not fracture or crack the glass. Its impact strength is 20 times greater than that of a mineral lens.

Lightness and comfort

The comfort of sunglasses is strongly conditioned by the lenses weight. 3 times lighter than a mineral glass, it removes any feeling of pressure on the face and the inconvenience of it sliding on the nose.

Quality durability

Sunglasses daily use involves a high sustainable quality over time. The Belsun sunglasses manufacturing process ensures a high resistance to scratching and abrasion.