Technology / performance

Different treatments are applied to sunglass lenses to increase resistance, eliminate fog, repel reverberation or reduce glare.

Anti-fog treatment

Fogy lenses are a fairly common problem. Indeed, during physical activity, the temperature difference generated by the body and that of the outside can create a condensation effect and form mist. This type of treatment is intended to limit the condensation phenomenon.

Anti-reflection treatment

It reduces glare and dazzling lights and increases viewing comfort. In cases of extreme sunshine, sunglasses that are not covering your face properly, can, through ray's reflection in the concave surface of the eye, reduce considerably the visual comfort provided by slightly enveloping sunglasses.

Mirror treatment

This treatment on the outer surface of the lens increases the quality of the base lens filter, without changing its rendering.

Belsun Mirror lenses offers 3 shades to choose from :

  • Gold Mirror
  • Blue Mirror
  • Silver Mirror

Hydrophobic treatment

The skiing and sailing fans can experience discomfort and visual field disturbance caused by lenses covered with water. With this hydrophobic treatment, water drops slide naturally and leave a clear field of vision.

Polarized lenses

These lenses block glare caused by reflected light. They are very popular among sportsmen, hikers, outdoor activities devotees because they can eliminate 99% of disruption glare. In addition, the polarizing improves the perception of shapes, colours, contrast and relief. It is particularly good on water surface, on a snowy runway, or simply on a window car, generously exposed to bright reflections.

Photochromic lenses

Our multiple lifestyle activities submit us to frequent and sometimes violent light variations, switching quickly from inside to outdoors, succession of light and shadow and contrasted skies.

Perfectly adapted to these new requirements, the latest photochromic lenses generations are more responsive to consumer demands.

Its tint automatically adjusts to the light environment through photosensitive molecules embedded in the lens thereby guaranteeing a permanent visual comfort.