What lens tints to adopt and in what circumstances?

Belsun lenses offer an unlimited number of different range colours, each with specific filtration characteristics and different aesthetic renderings. The lens colour plays a role in the contrast and saturation, before glare.

Ultraviolet radiations being invisible, the lens colour doesn't have any influence on the level of filtration. Nevertheless, it constitutes an essential element for the visual comfort of the carrier. Indeed, each colour presents a particular quality namely according to the sunshine conditions and sports activities.

Gray lenses puce-couleur-gris.jpg

Gray ensures a faithful restitution of the colours and provides excellent colour rendition in all situations of natural sunlight.

They are widely used such as high-class filtration models for ski goggles and mountain sunglasses.

Brown lenses puce-couleur-brun.jpg

Brown colour provides a very noticeable contrast increase, which improves the vision quality, due to a significant filtration of the blue light. This colour is especially recommended for practicing winter sports, mountain activities and sailing.

Yellow puce-couleur-jaune.jpg / Orange puce-couleur-orange.jpg lenses

These colours have a better details perception in low light when there are clouds or fog.

At a low to medium brightness, this type of lens generally offers a sun protection factor of a category (between 21 and 57% of light passes through the glass) ample and very pleasant.

Green lenses puce-couleur-vert.jpg

It gives a real colour perception and acceptable contrast in low light. This tint reduces eyestrain when the light is too intense.

Pink lenses puce-couleur-rose.jpg

Pink increases visual acuity and enhances colour contrast. It provides a clearer field of vision and is perfectly suitable for skiing, especially in cases of average brightness.